9mm and 12mm Fire Board

9mm and 12mm Mgo Fire Board is suitable for many applications including ceiling linings, steel structures, exterior cladding, fire rated partitions, suspended ceilings, soffits, roof, eaves, eaves, gables, underlay systems, wet room applications.

Mgo Fire Board  is suitable for exterior applications such as exterior cladding of buildings for fire regulations, oil tank surrounds, timber frame, garages and sheds.

Mgo Fire Board 9mm and 12mm boards combine inherent strength, sound insulation and good thermal performance due its density and constructions.

Mgo Fire Board are a strong and versatile product suitable for many uses in construction and refurbishment projects.

Fire Board  is constructed using magnesium oxide reinforced with fibreglass mesh.

Unlike many sheet building products, Fire Board is dried naturally resulting in a production process that produces negligible CO2 emissions.

Fire Board contain no harmful substances and are classified as ‘a non-dangerous substance’.


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