15mm Fibre Cement Floor Boards

Fiber Cement Compressed Sheet 15mm

15mm High Density Floor boards are being utilised as a standard form of flooring for suspended flooring systems and more recently, Access Panels. The density of the floor boards together with the sizes used on the suspended floor enable an alternative costing solution for the market.

 15mm HD fibre cement floor boards not only meet the Class 1 fire ratings but also the prevention on condensation. It is suitable for access panels that require tiling as the preferred finish of choice due to its ability to work well with “keying” compounds. This is of major benefit as most imported access panels arrive with a laminated finish to the surface of the panel itself, making it difficult to apply tiling materials.

15mm HD fibre cement floor boards have been used as an alternative to current access floor panels. Quite often, the conventional access panels are imported so as to meet specification requirements for such a flooring system. These boards are required to have fire rating characteristics as well as protection to possible condensation build-up. Most access panel boards used in large-scale projects are often imported, which can also escalate building costs on such projects.


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