12mm MgO interior wall board

12mm fire insulation MgO interior wall board which can be used for partition wall with the ability to resists 4 hrs HC temperature curves and 3.83 hrs RABT temperature curve. Even RWS fire curve test is available to pass.

The MgO boards (1-3 hours) are applicable to buildings with special requirements of fireproof performance, such as fireproofing partition wall, interior wall of hospitals, Sidewall of subways, Ceiling of tunnels, Etc. The MgO products are non-hazardous, without any organic solvents, asbestos, oils, toxic components, heavy metals or salts which may cause environmental problems.


  1. Partitions for commercial or residential buildings.
  2. Prefabricated and mobile home construction-Structural sheathing for wood or metal stud walls
  3. Fire rated walls, doors, hoardings,internal lining to industrial buildings. Parapet walls, spandrels, ceiling, partitions, coverings, cavity barriers, false flooring and in-fit panels.
  4. Shaft liners, ceilings, soffits for cultural community centers, recreational buildings and tourist resorts.
  5. Encasement to structural steelworks
  6. Substrates for coating and insulated dystems(I.e. Direct-apply to the finished system and stucco)
  7. Theaters, exhibition halls, train station, metro station etc…


-Asbestos and chloride free

-Heat insulation to protect concrete plate

-Provides sound insulation

-Flexible and low shrinkage

-Wide application in interior ceiling and walls



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