100% Non-asbestos fiber reinforced calcium silicate board


Calcium silicate board is a new environmental-friendly building material, widely used in all parts of architecture.


100% asbestos-free

Product composition: Portland cement, highly pure quartz sand, cellulose fiber

Density: 1.1-1.5g/cm3

Water absorption: ≤30%

Moisture interference degree: 0.27mm

Moisture content:  ≤10%

Swelling: ≤0.25%

Dry shrinkage rate: 0.5%

Impact resistance: ≥2.0 KJ/m2

Flexural resistance: ≥12 KJ/m2

Thermal conductivity:  ≤0.2 W(M.K)

Screw-pull force: ≥75 N/mm

Frost resistance: After 25 freeze-thaw cycles without rupture and layer phenomena.

Impermeability: Negative appear after 24H test, wet mark, but not water droplets phenomenon.

Radioactivity: Class A meterials, so that production and sales are freely carried out in every aspects.

comply with GB6566-2001 “reflective building material radionuclide limit ”

Non-flammable: Class A, non-combustible material in line with GB8624-2006


Max length:3000mm



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