Mgo board for outdoor applications and humid environments

Mgo board Sanding Surface

MGO BOARD consist of calcium, silicon, aluminium and magnesium oxides with lightweight aggregates; both surfaces are reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fibre mat.
These easy-to-install lightweight panels for outdoor applications are designed to resist the harshest weather conditions such as: rain, humidity, frost and thermal shock.

 MGO BOARD are weatherproof and will not swell, crumble or deteriorate and ensure exceptional dimensional stability.
This is an extremely sturdy system which is ideal for external walls, façades, false ceilings and external coverings in general; MGO BOARD are lightweight and very easy to install making them ideal for restructuring and renovating facades, cornices, parapets, porticoes and other architectural structures that require high mechanical strength and weatherproof resistance.
MGO BOARD may also be used in interiors where humidity or water are present rather than coated plasterboard which in these cases is unsuitable.






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