HPL plywood white color Mgo board

hpl plywood white color board

HPL laminated board is used magnesium oxide board as substrate material, and compounded with gluing melamine paper to MGO BOARD.

It combines the advantages of MgO board and melamine paper, and is an innovative decorative wall material.

HPL laminated board is wely used for interior decoration and furniture making.

Face HPL one face or two faces
HPL surface Matt, Glossy, Relief, Grain, etc
Core material Magnesium Oxide Board /Mgo board
Glue E0
 Size 1220*2440,1200*2400mm
Thickness 6,8,10,12mm
HPL veneer thickness 0.5mm,0.8mm,1.0mm

Properties of hpl plywood white color board

1. Good visual effect, the panel can be made into different designs with vivid gloss.
2. Tough, abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant
3. Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, oil-resistant
4. With smooth surface, easy to clean
5. Fireproof: Grade A non-combustible
6. Waterproof
7. Healthy and environmental friendly, doesn’t contain asbestos, formaldehyde or benzene


Application of hpl plywood white color board

Interior decoration used in furniture, cabinet, Marine,
kitchen, bathroom, teapots, windowsills, interior wall
panel and so on.


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