High Density Decorative Coating Calcium Silicate Board For Exterior Wall Façade

 Colored Fiber Cement Board-2

Coating process characteristics

We adopt international advanced coating process insterad of tranditional

backward coating process.The advantage as follows:

1.Unique infiltration process to improve the strength of substrate

2.Perfluorocarbon surface to pretect the color more reliable and enduring

3.Film-forming by adcanced UV curable tech can remain color more stable

4.Professional process formula make the strength of coating surface to above 4H

Description High Density Decorative Coating Calcium Silicate Board
Raw Materials Cement,Quartz Sand,Fiber
Standard Size 1220mm×2440mm/1200mm×2400mm
Max Width 1250mm
Max Length 3050mm
Thickness from 4mm-25mm 
Density 1.4-1.8g/cm3
Color Any Color and Design


Main Characteristic 1:Excellent fire-proof performance
2:Excellent moisture-proof performance
3:Good heat and sound insulation
4:High strength
5:Stable dimensions
6:Durability and long service life ect



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