Fiber Reinforced Calcium silicate board for ceiling system

Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Boards can be matched with many types of profiles to make lots of different ceiling systems. They can satisfy the creative and aesthetical diversity of technical requirement for many buildings, due to characteristics, such as simple and convenient installation, adaptability in usage and excellent material strength. Practical tests done have proven that fiber reinforced calcium silicate boards won’t deform and fall when they were used in humid environments after a long period application. Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Boards are better than gypsum board and plywood in aspects, such as moisture resistance, mold resistance, cracking resistance and longevity,etc.

C60/C50 Ceiling System


-When the C60/C50 ceiling system is installed, there should be a 10mm gap left between the end of the profile and the wall.

-The main profile should be lengthened when you install large acreage ceiling. The joint between these two main profiles should be staggered form and the profiles must be arranged in the same direction.

-Boards must be arranged to the sub profile vertically and the joint of wide side of boards must be staggered


T profile ceiling system


-Light weight and High strength

-Not deformed and matted

-In-combustible, Moisture resistance, sound absorption

-No poisonous gas when it is on fire

-Beautiful design, Color Diversity

-No condensational water beads, Good durability

-Use directly and fast installation

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