Magnesium oxide board manufacturer

Magnesium oxide board manufacturer

Magnesium oxide board as an internal wall lining product addresses the best interests of the consumers as it fills a void in the market place and offers a cost-effective yet superior product in all areas of wall board. It is the only product in the market place that is water proof, fire proof, sound insulating, termite proof, has both hygienic and high impact resistance qualities. Currently, it is impossible for the customers offered Magnesium oxide board to get such advantages from other products in the market..
Magnesium oxide board offers both peace-of-mind and a common sense approach to your selection of building materials.

Magnesium oxide board is a product that can be used wherever lining is required.
ALL the features listed below are the result of tests conducted primarily on the 7mm thick Magnesium oxide board sheets.

The performance of the 9mm or thicker Magnesium oxide board should be at least equal or better in many of these areas of testing.
Fire Resistant
Passive Fire Protection is achieved when your building is lined with Magnesium oxide board
In a recent fire tests , wall systems incorporating both 7 & 9mm
Magnesium oxide board, achieved more than 240 minutes (4 hours) in integrity tests on steel
frames. To see photos of the tests please click here
For further details of Magnesium oxide board fire resistance performance, including tested
systems installation recommendations please go to the ‘Performance’ page.

Water Resistant
Magnesium oxide board samples demonstrated
negligible change in weight and modulus of rupture (MoL) after being fully
submerged in water.
In other tests, Magnesium oxide board showed no structural change or delamination after
several freeze/thaw cycles.


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