“Hocreboard” Wood grain fiber cement plank board:

Raw materials: fiber ,cement, quartz sand, additive

Standard size: 200mmx3000mm


Note:Other dimensions available on request

Physical properties:

The following data are the average tested figures during manufacturing

Item Index Unit
Density ≥1.3 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity ≤0.30 W/(m·k)
Water Absorption ≤10 %
Water Contain ≤10 %
Moisture Movement ≤0.25 %
Freezing No cracking or delaminating after 25 times of freeze-thaw cycles
Non-water soaking No Water Forms after being tested for 24 hours
Dry Shrinkage ≤0.50 %
Bending Strength ≥14 Mpa
Impact resistance Oven dry No Continuous Cracking After An Impact /
REMARK: Please contact our technical department if you need more technical index.


1.It is durable

2.High strength, light weight

3.with cedar pattern, various printing

4.Medium density, Good at impact resistant

5.Low moisture absorption and water absorption

6.Low thermal conductivity

7.Anti-chemical corrosive

8.Easy to install & fit

Wood grain fiber cement Plank board is a plank for building external cladding application that the features is the cedar finishing.

Wood grain fiber cement Plank board are high quality building materials. The board contains inorganic raw materials:such as cement, silica powder and reinforced cellulose fiber as the main materials.

Fiber cement Plank board are autoclaved to become stable product.

Fiber cement Plank board does not contain any of asbestos, however, it has strong bending strength like those with asbestos.

Fiber cement Plank board can be applied not only for the interior use but also for the outdoor wall system. It has low water absorption rate and high impact resistant ability.


Installation method

Transportation, Handing and Storage

Deliver fiber cement plank to project site in original, unopened package and store them in fully enclosed space where they will be protected against damage from humidity, direct sunlight, surface contamination and other causes of damage. Handle our siding carefully to avoid chipping edges or damaging units in any way. Handling and storage practices should follow the manufacturer’s suggestions at all times.

Carry and Stock fiber cement plank

Package& Loading:



Remark: We can make any color according to customer’s needs.